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HOLLYWOOD – The sad news arrived today that Andrew Lincoln the actor who plays Rick Grimes in the popular zombie show The Walking Dead has been eaten by fans.

British born actor Andrew Lincoln was leaving an In and Out hamburger bar having just eaten a large meal when he was stopped by a group of fans to sign autographs. Lincoln laughingly obliged and even agreed to take some selfies with the, fans many of whom were children. However, what he had failed to notice was that a crowd was gathering behind him.

An eyewitness told the Studio Exec what happened next:

One of the fans who was standing beside Lincoln as he was signing these autographs just leaned in and had a nibble of one of Lincoln’s fingers. Andrew didn’t seem fazed. He just kind of said ‘ouch’ and something along the lines of ‘hey quit that’. But at that point it was like the others had scented blood and a large women with a Breaking Bad t-shirt on just chomped down on Lincoln’s neck and tore out a lump of flesh. The chords and tendons were coming out and then they were all over him. Before long just couldn’t see anything but red mist and his entrails being yanked in the air like so much fetid rope.

F*cking hell!

I know. The worst thing was the sound of him screaming. He was screaming and screaming for someone to help him but the people who came running just joined in the mayhem. ONe had hold of his head and as he pulled it off the vocal chords stretched and the screams became screeches until the chords snapped with a sickening twang.

Like a homage to Day of the Dead?

Exactly what I thought. It was Romero all over.

The makers of the show have insisted however that it will continue.

An insider at AMC told the Studio Exec:

We always knew that it was only a matter of time before Andrew got eaten by a horde of rabid fans. In fact, we take it as a testament to the show that our fans are so committed to the characters and the story. We’ll find away of incorporating Andrew’s fate into the story line and I’m happy to say that because of stringent intellectual property rights deals that we’ve made, we also own Andrew Lincoln’s eviscerated corpse.

The Walking Dead is showing on AMC.

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