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We are proud to announce The Studio Exec Film Journalism Conference ‘LISTICLE 2021’. It will take place at The Hotel Bel-Air, CA in September. So don’t hesitate. Book your ticket to The Studio Exec Film Journalism Conference now!

Exec Film Journalism Conference

The LISTICLE 2021 Conference Mission Statement: Journalists, Commissioning Editors, Publishers and Ostracized Outsiders will gather to meet in one place (bar). Delegates will discuss the latest issues and trends in global film journalism. Please note Twitter shit storms are NOT mandatory, but encouraged.

Film Journalism Conference Hot Topics

Topics to be discussed in daily Filmpoziums™ will range from:

– ‘CLICKBAIT – Saying It All With The Headline’
– ‘IGNORANCE IS LIST – The Top 10 Lists To Publish’
– ‘THE DOGHOUSE – Who We Cancelled This Year And How’
– ‘SWEATY KEYBOARDS – Can I Get Quality Cocaine On The Dark Web?’
– ‘HOT TAKES – How To Write The Perfect Inflammatory Piece’
– ‘HAPPY ANNIVERSARY – Why You Should Take A Giant Shit On Everyone’s Favorite Movie’

Key Speakers

The Exec’s diverse white male journalists have accrued over 175 years of experience. They will secrete their experience and lecture on a range of fascinating subjects:

Chad Sternberger – Don’t Know Stalker? You Don’t Know Shit
Lenny Delowitz – Epstein And My Role In His Downfall
Miles Cravat – I Made Better Life Choices Than Michael Bay

Tickets start at a daily rate of $1,500 for the Bronze Package. Ask about our special discount 3 Day Bronze Package for $5,250. Please ask for Babs.

Please note tickets are non-refundable. Venue, content and personnel are subject to change. Cancellation and/or administrative disappearance is likely. In the likely event of loss, damage, injury or on-line abuse The Studio Exec(TM) will accept no civil, legal or financial liabilities. 

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