HOLLYWOOD – It is Batman day and so only fitting that the Studio Exec has received EXCLUSIVE footage of the new Zach Snyder movie Batman v Superman.

Batman Vs Superman is not due out until the Spring next year, but in honor of Batman day, The Studio Exec can EXCLUSIVELY reveal some footage from the new movie. The footage as well as showing how well Ben Affleck is fitting into the Batsuit, also reveals the identity of Boy Wonder Robin, who will be played – we can EXCLUSIVELY reveal – by Matt Damon. There was a lot of speculation about a possible Bourne Wonder collaboration which this image now conclusively proves. Bat watcher Woody Allen had this to say:

It’s amazing. I mean Zach has obviously decided to forego the darkness, inspired by Christopher Nolan, based on The Man of Steel film, and is going now for a much more colorful Adam West style Batman. I love it. Though my psychiatrist really says my obsession with this comic book is just a throwback to the fact that I grew up in New York with an overbearing Jewish mother. But what does my psychiatrist know. He’s got Elton John’s I’m Still Standing playing on a loop in the waiting room.

Despite the publication, there is still no official word of Matt Damon’s involvement of the picture, but seasoned Damon watchers will recall that the Damon also hid his participation in Interstellar until the last moment.

Batman v Superman is due out in March, 2016.

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