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HOLLYWOOD – It was revealed today that everyone got to episode five of USA’s Mr. Robot before giving up.

A study by the Federal Office of Uncertain Statistics revealed that everyone who watched  Mr. Robot watched it until episode five and then gave up. The show stars Rami Malek as Elliot, a computer programmer who works for a cyber security company by day, but by night uses his skills to right wrongs etc. It’s like Knight Rider with laptop instead of a car called KIT 9000. Elliot is recruited by the mysterious Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) the leader of a group of rag tag predictably diverse hackers.

Dr. Parker Fillipe of the FOUS told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

The viewer experience of Mr. Robot has been unusually unanimous. Everybody watched the first two episodes and thought it was ‘kick ass’, ‘genuinely original television’ etc. High approval. Then then next two episodes intrigue and interest slowly congeal as twists are predicted and Elliot’s Asperger’s voice-over becomes tiresome. What viewers found particularly irksome was how something was said and then immediately contradicted. For instance in the first episode he talks about how devastatingly lonely he is and then ten minutes later he’s in bed with his beautiful drug dealer. I imagine that is resolved in a later episode but none of us could be bothered at this point.

Has any other show been so universally judged in a similar way?

Critically yes. Lost finale, or True Detective Season 2 spring to mind, but people still watched, and most people watched all the way to the end. But Mr. Robot, no one and I mean absolutely no one watched passed episode 5.

Mr. Robot Season 2 is due in 2016.

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