LONDON – Christopher Nolan has confirmed he will assume executive producing duties on Ray Romano’slatest sitcom Everybody Loves Bane.

“I was watching The Dark Knight Rises,” said a rambling Romano.

“Which I thought was a real piece  of crap by the way but I was awestruck by this Bane character. I couldn’t take my eyes off him and when I went to bed that night, he was all I could think about. I couldn’t sleep a wink so I called my therapist and said ‘Doc. I can’t stop thinking about this Bane guy do you think that I’m turning gay?’ He said ‘Do you get an erection when you think about him?’ I said ‘I kinda had an erection when I was thinking about him this morning but then I have an erection every morning. I’m a guy, it happens!’ So he said ‘Do you fantasize about having sex with this man or vice versa?’ I said ‘No, Jesus! He’s like a 300 pound walking steroid he’d ruin me inside and out.’ So, the Doc said, ‘Well, if he don’t get you hard and you don’t want to screw him, he sounds like the perfect character to build a prime time sitcom around.’ And that’s how this all came about.”

Romano went on to reveal the basic plot revolves around the daily trials and tribulations of super villain Bane, his long suffering hairdresser wife Kelly and his two wayward children Betty and Bane Jnr.

It’s your average sitcom set-up. You’ve got the wife and the kids. The disappointed parents who wanted Bane to be a lawyer rather than a terrorist. We’ve got his best friend The Joker who lives next door and is always getting him into trouble. You know, cajoling Bane into blowing up hospitals and holding up banks. It’s a very funny show and, sure, a lot of people die during the first series, but it all takes place off camera and it’s very light-hearted.

Asked who he had lined up for the main roles Romano spilled his guts.

We have three people we are looking at for Bane: Ted Danson, Kelsey Grammar and Matthew Perry. I wanted Jerry Seinfeld but we have a limited budget and he charges a million dollars a minute. As for the role of Kelly we’ve got Mayim Bialik on board. Not only is she very talented, she’s also a Jew which broadens the comedic potential.

Everybody Loves Bane will premier on NBC in October 2013 
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