NEW YORK  – Acclaimed actress Emma Stone is at the centre of yet another controversy after she allegedly shouted racist expletives at an elderly couple dining opposite her at the famous Tribeca Grill.
Stone – who was with her child-hating, web-slinging boyfriend Andrew Garfield – was thrown out of the restaurant after she verbally abused the couple for intruding on her evening.

A fellow diner who chose to remain nameless filled in the blanks:

I saw the woman lean across and ask Miss Stone if she could borrow the salt and Stone banged the table and shouted “What the f*ck is matter with you? I’m trying to have a quiet dinner with my boyfriend and you’re hassling me for an autograph. Screw you, lady!” When the woman explained to her that she didn’t want her autograph, she just wanted the salt, well, that’s when all hell broke loose. 

Stone is alleged to have jumped at the woman and called her a “Stupid White Bitch” and told her to “Get back to Pennsylvania where she comes from” and, according to restaurant owner Robert De Niro, that was just the beginning of Stone’s verbal assault

So I’m in the back and I’m butt naked and arm wrestling Joe Matengna for $100 when I hear this woman screaming all kinds of nonsense like “F*ck you Grandma” and something about pissing on her honky ancestors bones. At first I thought it was Danny Aiello because I know Danny can get little coarse after a few drinks.

De Niro immediately ordered his Maître d’ to restrain Stone and escort her off the premises: 

Poor Charlie Grodin. The last time he wrestled a 25 year old girl Jimmy Carter was in office. Anyway he finally managed to get her and her boyfriend out but then Garfield tore back in and tried to beat up this 8 year old boy that was having a party with his friend.  If you ask me the guys got f*cking problems but we took him downstairs and Joe Pesci put his head in a vice. Let’s just say he’s not going to be beating up on any little kids anytime soon.

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