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HOLLYWOOD – Emma Stone will play Rachel Dolezal in Ridley Scott’s next film White is the New Black, sources confirmed.

The Rachel Dolezal story broke only this week, but the potential for a cinematic treatment was obvious to one and all with the Wayan brothers, C. Thomas Howell and Dustin Hoffman all bidding for the rights. In the end however it was Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions which landed the deal and immediately thoughts turned to casting. Ridley Scott called up the Studio Exec bungalow earlier today to speak about it:

Emma is such a versatile actor. In Aloha she effortlessly becomes Asian/Hawaiian. In Woody Allen’s Magic in the Moonlight and Irrational Man, she single-handedly saves the films. So I thought about her the instant we got the go ahead on the Dolezal Story.  My only worry was, will the audience believe her as a white woman?

What attracts you to the project?

To me we’re living in a postmodern world in which self-identification has become almost a free for all. On the one hand, certain identities are arbitrary so why not? But on the other wanting to be something and being something are two different things and shouldn’t be confused. This is going to be a very interesting film about identity and politics, self-deception and family.

So you’re treating it seriously?

Hell no. It’s going to be laugh out loud funny. I haven’t done a comedy practically ever so this is my big chance. We’re going to have her get into a series of hilarious situations.

Such as?

Such as she goes to a ‘house party’ and has to do a rap! She has to overcome an allergy to chicken. And she has no natural sense of rhythm.

But wait aren’t those all outdated stereotypes?

And there’s an amazing scene when the cops come to break up a pool party!

White is the New Black will be released in 2016.

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