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HOLLYWOOD – Tragedy struck today, as the ice bucket challenge claimed its first victim: Mighty Ducks star and film director, Emilio Estevez.

Estevez has been nominated by Jean Paul Vincent and was – friends reported – excited to fulfil his role and donate some money to a good cause. The bucket was prepared and all seemed to be going well when the ice bucket was dropped, but then Estevez collapsed in some sort of fit and something was obviously terribly wrong.

A spokesperson for the Cedar Mount Hospital said:

A man was rushed to hospital and we can confirm that it was indeed the Mighty Ducks star Emilio Estevez. Reportedly a bucket of ice was dropped on his head as a video camera captured the moment. But it turned out Mr. Estevez was allergic to ice.

Our medical expert, Dr Eugene Palley told the Studio Exec, that though ice allergy is extremely rare, ‘It does actually exist and isn’t just some crap you made up.’

What people don’t understand is that the ice bucket challenge has a whole slew of dangers. The dangers of hypothermia, heart attack, bucket concussion.  I’m delighted to say this was just an accident waiting to happen and hopefully will be a lesson to all those participating in this ludicrous narcissism thinly disguised as philanthropy to be careful to nominate people they really, really don’t like.

The world media was stunned, though the surprise was due mainly to the fact that the fatality was Emilio and not Charlie, who earlier this week had done the same challenge but knowing his medical history with ice was dubious he used money instead. Now many are calling for the dangerous ice bucket challenge to be made illegal and anyone who has previously done the ice bucket challenge to be arrested and put in special detention camps indefinitely.

Emilio Estevez was 52.

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