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HOLLYWOOD – Into the Wild star Emile Hirsch is starting a second career as a cage fighter, and his first opponent? None other than former Sony Exec Amy Pascal.

The news comes following Emile Hirsch’s recent alleged choke hold of an Exec during a party at the Sundance Film Festival. Fight promoter Joey Knuckles spoke to the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

I was present at the party by pure chance and I saw Hirsch’s move. His technique was exemplary and I thought to myself this guy’s got something. I managed to corner him later and I pitched him the idea of a cage fight. Apparently his film career isn’t exactly flying so he almost took my arm off.

What about Amy Pascal? Why did she agree to the fight?

Amy called me. As soon as she heard I was looking for an opponent for Emile she began ringing me five or six times a day. It turns out a lot of execs feel their pride has been tarnished. I mean physical and verbal abuse? That’s their job. So Amy has been in training – she’s had a lot of spare time apparently – and she is very eager to get in the cage and ‘kick that little boy’s ass’, as she told me.

The fight has ignited old rivalries in Hollywood with the actors all siding with Hirsch and the executives crowding round Amy’s corner.

So who is the favorite?

Well, they’re fairly evenly matched but wioth very different fighting stylesEmile Hirsch is known for his nipping and Chinese burns, while Pascal during her time at Sony was nicknamed the kidney punch Queen.

The fight will be televised on HBO at 9 pm EST. 

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