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HOLLYWOOD – Entrepreneur and battery salesman Elon Musk today announced that we are almost definitely living in The Matrix but added not The Matrix Reloaded to everyone’s relief.

The founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk speaking at  Recode’s Code Conference yesterday announced that we are almost definitely living in a simulation.

If you think of how far video game technology has gone in the past thirty years. We’ve basically gone from Pong to VR and soon that VR will be indistinguishable from reality, which begs the question how do we know that we are not already in some simulation, designed by beings who are far more advanced than we think we are. And the weird thing is they don’t have to be aliens or anything like that, because the word ‘alien’ assumes we’re living in a certain place and there are other places outside this place, whereas if we are living in a simulation all those concepts are up for grabs. We could be the designers of our own VR simulations and one of the realistic features of the VR universe where we are currently living is that we block our memory of the non VR universe, in order to make this one seem even more real. So we’re basically in The Matrix, but with a better color scheme. If you think about it the Matrix was always green which was a dead giveaway. But we are definitely not in The Matrix Reloaded, because frankly this world is much better than that pile of steaming horse plop. Now why am I saying this, other than the obvious reason that I’m Elon Musk and that’s kind of my schtick? Well, if you remember the original film, we weren’t willingly participants, we were in fact being exploited as a power sources for the machines.


You got it Exec. And what do I make?


You see? I can’t promise anything but if I make really good batteries maybe our mission will be complete and we can see what the real universe looks like.

But how would we know it is the real universe?

Exec! Mind. Blown.

Elon Musk will be appearing in your nightmares.


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