HOLLYWOOD – Ellen Degeneres has announced that she will be opening her own branded torrent sharing site – Ellen’s Pirate Bay – which will allow users to stream or download films illegally.

The Ellen and Oscar ceremony host told Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY: 

The idea came to me after I accidentally managed to get one of my Oscar screeners uploaded onto the internet and streaming. It was The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. At that point I thought, well, if these piece of shit gets so many hits imagine what would happen if I uploaded some decent films.

Ellen’s Pirate Bay should be live by the end of the month. Asked about her inspiration for the name, she said, ‘If we’re going to have a bit of intellectual property theft I wanted to go the whole hog.’
A spokesperson for the Anti-Piracy league that represents the industry said:

We are dismayed by Ms. Degeneres’ actions, but then again, she is a celebrity so… you know. Whatever. 

What do you think? Should Ellen Degeneres’ Pirate Bay be taken down? or is it all very, very funny?

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