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HOLLYWOOD – Elijah Wood has signed on to play drugs executive Martin Shkreli in a new film directed by Brian dePalma and tentatively entitled Asshole.

Martin Shkreli first caused furore when his company bought the rights to a series of medicines and then overnight hiked the prices by huge amounts. In seeking to justify his actions he only made people hate him more and before a congressional hearing managed to achieve the almost impossible by making Congress look morally superior to something else in the room. Brian dePalma immediately announced his plans to make a film based on Martin Shkreli’s life:

It is going to be a thematic sequel to Scarface. This punk thinks that America is there for the taking and he starts after, without caring who he destroys or what. The only difference is that Al Pacino’s character had some sense of moral sincerity, even at his most heinous.

Casting proved difficult:

I needed an actor with the courage to confront the role. After all most stars don’t want to be aligned to some one this repugnant. Christian Bale had done American Psycho so I was keen on him reading the treatment, but he’s a bit too old for the role. But then someone showed me a tape of Elijah Wood in Maniac and I thought, if we can tone down the sympathy we feel for the murdering psychopath then I think Elijah would be perfect for the role.

Elijah Wood is currently in preparation for the role.

He’s on a strict regimen of being an asshole. He spends all his time reading Ayn Rand and listening to back to back audio books by Glenn Beck. Every morning he has a personal trainer come in and they go around New York burning $50 bills in front of homeless people and visiting hospices and cancer wards to laugh at the sick and the dying. Yesterday, he came round to my house and brought flowers and I was worried this guy is too nice, but I was later told he’d taken them of the grave of a child. So I tihnk we’re going to be fine.

Asshole will be released in 2017.


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