HOLLYWOOD – News broken early this morning that Eli Roth and Scott Kosar are developing a TV show for the History channel entitled Jesus Christ: the Lost Years, in which Jesus will be seen as a young up and coming maverick exorcist making his bones in the badlands of Galilee.

Eli Roth previously gained notoriety, when as the Tourist Promotion for Eastern Europe, he used his budget to produce and direct Hostel and Hostel: Part 2. He told Studio Exec exclusively:

This is one f*cked up story man. What happens is Jesus is born, flees Bethlehem to Egypt while Herod kills all these babies. That’s our pre-credit sequence right there. Steve Buscemi offing babies like it’s going out of fashion. Then Jesus gets into some heavy necromancy in Egypt comes back to Galilee and teams up with John the Baptist (Danny Trejo) who teaches him the basics about f*cking with the devil and lets him loose.   

Scott Kosar – who has earned the name ‘Mr. Unnecessary’ having been instrumental in the  remakes of The Amityville Horror, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Crazies – said that they were determined to make a ‘very tasteful and carefully researched, albeit speculative, piece of television’:

We know there are a lot of people who are very passionate about Jesus Christ. They even call themselves Christians, for Christ’s sake! So we are 100% gonna get this right. Plus, if you liked The Exorcist, then this is the prequel to end all prequels. Can you imagine the scene? [Begins roaring] “The power of me compels you! The Power of ME COMPELS YOU!”

Jesus has yet to be cast but the current favorite is Zachary Quinto, though some speculate he might be too old.

 Jesus Christ: the Lost Years is due to be broadcast in Fall 2014.


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