HOLLYWOOD – Tom Cruise’s clever science fiction action movie Edge of Tomorrow has been renamed according to Warner Bros sources and is now galled Guardians of the Galaxy.

The news of the name was not officially announced but leaked after packaging for the home entertainment release of the film showed the original title relegated to an obscure bottom corner and the new title emblazoned in flaming letters five feet high. Everyone (including The Studio Exec) knew that the title Edge of Tomorrow was hopelessly bland and generic. The original Manga on which the film was based was entitled the much darker and wittier All You Need is Kill. Even the title Film would have been less crap. But someone at Warner Bros, or as part of the ‘creative’ team, thought better.

Now belatedly and following the film’s disappointing box office wiser councils have prevailed and the new title – Guardians of the Galaxy – is both aesthetically more pleasing and will, hopefully, increase sales.

A source from within the studio had this to say:

We really love this title Guardians of the galaxy because it fits so well the plot. Tom in the film is really a Guardian, and Emily too, therefore plural, and the Galaxy is what is at stake. Well, maybe just the Earth, but still you get the idea.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Edge of Tomorrow is available to buy now.

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