HOLLYWOOD – Following his exit from Ant-Man, Edgar Wright – the visionary director who brought us Shaun of the Dead and the almost good Scott Pilgrim Vs the World – has tweeted his willingness to remake Krull, the 1983 fantasy film starring Ken Marshall, which many say is better than Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai.

Last year, the Studio Exec wrote the following:

Steven Spielberg – making his first public pronouncement after having become the President of the Jury at Cannes – reviled film programmers everywhere for neglecting a film he rates as ‘Better than Lawrence of Arabia, but not quite as good as Red Sonja.’Dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiweiweiwie tweeted: ‘Without #Krull, Rien!’ And noted Slovakian philosopher Slavoj Zizek argued in his essay ‘The Glaive: a five pronged phallus!’ that Krull ‘shits on Vertigo FROM A HEIGHT!’

The popularity of the film however has also provoked a backlash from Liam Neeson and Robbie Coltrane. ‘I’m in it,’ said Neeson to express his argument against the film’s rediscovery.

The list of powerful advocates now includes Matt Damon (a self-professed Krull-ite), Ben Affleck (who thanked Krull just after Canada) and  the prestigious British Film Institute which has promised to screen it ‘some time in the next five minutes’.

Now Edgar Wright is on board, he will have a stellar cast of A-listers willing to work for free. Ring the bells, spread the news, Krull is coming to a cinema near you.

But there’s always the chance it will be sh*t.

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  1. Krull has many similarities with the plot elements in the video game Chrono Trigger (i.e. giant alien descending from space, alien parasite, medieval world, the name Lyssa). OK, it is definitely not the same, but it would be amazing if the remake could somehow fuse the story lines. That would also fix a lot of the gaps in Krull’s story…

  2. Not even close to be better than Seven Samurai
    and scott pilgrim vs the world is a very good movie tbh

  3. I dream of a good remake of Krull. It was a good movie, and, with today’s technologies, it could be awesome.
    But i’m afraid of the “curse of remakes”. I’m afraid it will be a piece of crap.
    I’ll wait to see it…

  4. If its going to be done. They should put the dragons back in it like the original script. Im not saying that because i dislike the original film, i love it. I just think they should as it may be more interesting and why retell the same story twice. Oh yeah and dont mess with the james horner score its incredible as it is. Id hate to be in the shoes of the composer doing the new score thats a lot on ones shoulders to live up to.

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