HOLLYWOOD – Eddie – the comedy dog from Frasier – is to star in the remake of Stephen King’s Cujo.

Eddie – the most comically likeable dog in television history – is to appear in a big screen remake of Stephen King’s Cujo. He spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec about the role:

I’ve not had much work after the last episode of Frasier wrapped. It wasn’t easy. I even changed my name. My birth name is Moose.

Why did you change it to Eddie?

A combination of Stanislavsky and cocaine. Then I sobered up and through a series of chance encounters, a bit of serendipity, I got this opportunity. People are going to be really surprised by this role. I’m pushing against the stereotypes. Hopefully, everyone is going to be pleasantly surprised.

But in the novel Cujo is a giant Saint Bernard. How are you going to beef up for the role?

Firstly, I went on a macrobiotic diet, a lot of protein and I have a personal trainer who worked with Chris Evans for the Captain America films. And you know this is exactly what I want to do. People see me and they think, aw how cute. It’s a cage. I don’t want be fucking adorable. I want to be a mean motherfucker and this film gives me the chance to break out and really show that side of my personality.

And how about your former Frasier co-stars?

I’d like to say I see Kelsey now and then, but the fact is we worked for ten years on that show. If I never see him again it’ll be too soon.

Cujo is set for 2019.


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