Saturday 24 October 2020
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HOLLYWOOD – The Eddie Brock Report cancelled.

Global News has cancelled The Eddie Brock Report, citing the annoyance factor. Eddie Brock moved to San Francisco from New York, following his firing from the Daily Globe. In a statement, an insider from the Global News Organisation told the Studio Exec:

We’ve been really peeved by Eddie Brock. He turns up on his motorcycles, parks it anywhere. He runs stories with the flimsiest of fact checking and even gets his leads from prying into his girlfriend’s computer. And then he gets himself infected by an alien parasite. There comes a point when enough is enough.

So it was the alien parasite?

No, it was actually the parking the motorcycle wherever he liked. He thought he was being devil may care, but it just showed a total lack of respect.

The Eddie Brock Report will be replaced by a new series of Tidying Up Stuff with the Green Goblin.

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