LOS ANGELES – Hollywood legend and registered republican Clint Eastwood, confirmed earlier today that his next project will be an experimental psychological drama titled The Chair, based upon his own screenplay.

Set for a Winter 2013 release. Eastwood claimed he seriously considered playing the lead himself but after being captivated by Daniel Day-Lewis’ performance in a sneak preview of Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln’. He immediately decided the Anglo-Irish actor was the only man for the job.

We caught up with Day- Lewis the day before he was due to go into a six month seclusion to prepare for the role.

Mr Lewis. You’re probably one of the most in demand actors currently plying their trade. Why choose ‘The Chair’ as your next project?

Well there are many reasons why I chose it. I’ve been a fan of Clint’s since I was a boy and I admire him as a director. I’ve also spent the last 10 years playing these powerful iconic characters in big budget epics and I thought it was high time I took a step back, stripped things down and returned to my art house roots.

So you regard ‘The Chair’ as an art house film?

Very much so. We have one location, one camera and one actor. I was surprised that Clint would want to work on such a small scale and without a script but he’s in his element.

There’s no script?

Not as such no. Clint did send me a 500 page document which had ‘The Chair, The Chair, The Chair, The Chair’ written on every single sheet. So I suppose in a sense there is a script but it contains no plot, dialog or narrative.

Interesting. So who will you be playing?

I’ll be playing ‘The Chair’.

I see. So who is ‘The Chair’, a Mafia Boss, the head of a corrupt banking organization?

‘The Chair’ is a chair.

Sorry I don’t follow.

What are you sitting on right now?

A chair.

And that’s what I’ll be playing. Not that chair of course, a different chair. Though I suppose in a sense, I’m playing every chair.

Ok…You’re renown for your method acting. How have you been preparing for the role?

I’ve been watching lots of Jude Law films and flicking through Ikea catalogues and Good Housekeeping magazines. For the next 6 months i’ll be up in the Catskills with just myself and a chair. I want to really understand what it’s like to be a chair and more importantly, how to think like a chair.

Right. So what is the film about exactly. what happens?

Nothing happens but at the same time, EVERYTHING happens. It’s very metaphysical.

Apologies Mr Lewis but I’m little confused.

Look. The camera will show a bare room and in the middle of it will be a chair, played by me and that’s all that happens on screen for the next two hours. The aim is to encourage the audience to use their imagination and start bringing this chair to life. They’ll imagine their loved ones in the chair. People they admire, people they hate and people they only half remember. They’ll see their, demons, their day-dreams and their deep dark desires. All Clint is doing is providing a canvass and it’s up to the audience to paint the picture.

Wow. I don’t understand a word you just said but I like the way you said it.

Thanks. Anyway I must go Clint and I are going to drop several tabs of acid and do some carpentry.

Mr Lewis. It’s been a rare pleasure.

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