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HOLLYWOOD – The director of Moon and Source Code Duncan Jones has been fired from the production of World of Warcraft after developing a chronic addiction to the popular online game.

Jones, who recently abandoned the Ian Fleming biopic to work on the epic fantasy flick hadn’t emerged from his apartment in months and had communicated with the outside world solely by e-mail. It was only when he a sent message to Legendary pictures producer Thomas Cull, asking to borrow some gold so he could buy the ‘Tyrannical Gladiator’s pendant of Cruelty’ that his mental state was brought into question.

“It was a grisly scene when we entered his apartment,” said Cull:

The stench of old sweat and habitual masturbation was the first thing that hit you, followed by the unmistakable aroma of  strong skunk weed. We eventually managed to navigate the piles of discarded take-away boxes and homemade bongs to find a naked and bedraggled Duncan sat in front of a giant computer screen wearing a headset and furiously hammering his tobacco covered keyboard. At first, he was happy to see us and offered around a joint but when we asked him to turn off the game, he refused and began flailing his arms around and swearing profusely. Eventually we had to turn the electricity off at the mains and drag him kicking and screaming into the waiting car.

Jones was taken to a special center for compulsive gamers and Cull said he is already on the road to recovery.

Well, I know that after a few days they managed to switch him to Resident Evil and then slowly but surely they introduced him to the likes of StreetFighter II and Super Mario Brothers. I’ve been told that if by next week he’s playing nothing but Frogger by the end of November, there is every chance he’ll be allowed home for Christmas.

World of Warcraft is due for release in 2015.

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