HOLLYWOOD – Hollywood was ‘reeling’ today when out of the deep blue the kid in the DreamWorks logo caught a fish.

The DreamWorks boy – Billy Hunt – has been sitting in the D for nineteen years and the famously foul mouthed icon was yet to get a bite.

‘I admit I was getting well cheesed off,’ said Billy. ‘My dad had just said, almost twenty years ago, sit there for a minute boy. I just want to capture something. And that was it. Nineteen years later, I’m still here. F*ck sacks.’

A Free Billy Hunt petition has gained some support over the years, but DreamWorks founder Steven Spielberg is an enthusiastic slave owner and is unlikely to release Billy any time soon, especially now that he can feed himself. Billy continues:

It isn’t all bad. I quite like acoustic guitar picking and it beats working for a living. It’s just that sometimes the moon goes right up my ass crack. And, you know, chaffs. 

 The fish was a five pound trout and Billy ate it raw.

‘He was like Gollum,’ his proud father said, laughing so hard he dropped his cattle prod.

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