Friday 4 December 2020
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NEW YORK – Hi, everyone. Drake here. Rapper, I Suppose … from Canada! I know. It’s whack. 
Any-hoo, I just wanna explain a thing. Rolling Stone Magazine were due to publish my picture on their cover of this month’s issue and then at the last minute decided to go with a picture of Philip Seymour Hoffman, who had, I suppose, died and all.
At first, I admit I was mad as an angry bastard, because, I gotta say – I’m kinda a craven egotist with no sense of perspective or taste – but later I discover people really, really liked Philip Seymour Hoffman because of his talent, whatever that is. 

So I decided I’d better get on my apologizing game and do what they call ‘damage control’ because I’m man enough to admit when I’m wrong and my PR firm tell me it could ‘negatively impact my demographic’. So I call up my pal Studio Exec cause I don’t trust those motherf*ckers at Rolling Stone no longer after they changed my quote about the Yeezus album – I said those lyrics were ‘f*cking bullshit’ and they changed it so it said those lyrics were ‘bullshit’. The press are evil with the way they distort things. At least the Exec won’t put words in my mouth and will let me say what I need to say and I feel to say cos that’s the only way, you feel me.  So first up I’m sorry as hell for what I said about the cover, tho I still think  like what units is he moving if he’s dead, y’know? And secondly, Yeezus is f*cking bullshit and not just bullshit.


Oh and Rest in…

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