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HOLLYWOOD – Ted Cruz and Donald Trump plus their spouses are to star in a remake of classic swingers comedy Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice.

With the Republican primary kicking up some of the highest figures in TV debate history, it’s no surprise that Hollywood has come a calling. Although many were talking about a superhero franchise, the word has come down that Donald is a huge fan of Paul Mazursky’s 1969 swingers comedy Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice.

A studio insider told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

We thought it would be challenging to get the candidates to agree to appear in a movie which involves wife swapping, but it turns out they were peachy keen! We thought it wouldn’t be presidential but apparently that boat sailed a long time ago.

The official synopsis reads:

Melania and Donald Trump are a happily married couple until Donald decides to run for president. He thinks that it will fill a hole in his life, but in reality it is just more frustrating and boring than his life already is. The only pleasure he gets from it is socializing with arch-rival Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi. Entering the final convention with no clear winner, deliberations take a turn for the kinky when the candidates and their wives decide to have an orgy. This remake of a classic tale of contemporary sexual mores will take on a new relevance as they do to each other what they’ve all done to the American democracy.

Don & Heidi & Ted & Melania will be released in 2018.

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