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HOLLYWOOD – Patient accuses Doctor Strange of medical incompetence.

Doctor Strange might be doing well at the box office but the new Marvel superhero is in trouble. Barry Snittles of South Dakota accuses the noted neurosurgeon and wizard being a bad doctor. Snittles told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

I was having a drink in his local bar when I¬†saw Doctor Strange sitting in a booth with a couple of friends. I took the opportunity to seek some quick medical advice. I’ve had a hemorrhoid problem for some time. At first he suggested a popular cream. I told him I had already tried that without success he became increasingly impatient. He even tried to suggest that he was actually someone else, issuing an obviously made up name – Benedict Cumberbund or Cumbersome or something. He might be a sorceror of some skill but as far as a medical man is concerned, he seems to have forgotten his Hippocratic oath.

Doctor Strange is in cinemas.

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