Spike Lee’s baby cries of historical inaccuracy have a point. Ray Charles can miraculously see again? Instead of playing Georgia on my mind he kills white folk? and not once one did he have a trail of white under his nose. But then again, black good, white bad. Tsk, Tsk, Tarantino. 

Ray should have stayed chained after all. That way we could have been beaten over the head once more about racism, racism, racism with Roots: The Movie. And there’s a likeable Nazi in the mix as well.
By movie’s end I saw Mr. Lee’s true qualm: not enough black people with guns and not enough vanilla faces to be gunned down. And not a single soapbox in the whole movie. A racist, bloody, awful, disgusting, appalling, disrespectful, tasteless, nudity-free take on a serious…ah FUCK IT. Shit was amazing. 
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