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HOLLYWOOD – Dentists are protesting against Brandon Cronenberg’s Possessor.

Brandon Cronenberg’s Possessor is a controversial film for many reasons. The moral murkiness of  its story, the ultra violence of its set pieces and the gore that drips from the film. However, for one group the film has gone too far. The American Association of Dentists issued a statement last night that read thusly:

We of the AAD are furious at the depiction of dentist work in Brandon Cronenberg’s new film Possessor. In the film there is a scene of a tooth extraction that we can only describe as barbaric. The implement used does not conform to standards of hygiene and the character performing the extraction has no training. Not since the Marathon Man or Little Shop of Horrors have we felt the need to speak out. However, that time has now come.

The AAD are calling on Neon pictures to withdraw the film or at the very least the offending scene. However, some dentists are claiming that the film actually features a positive depiction of their work. Dr Callous told the Exec:

It’s horse shit. Some of these so called dentists want you to think that everything is clean. They don’t want to get blood on their smocks. But dentistry is a harsh and violent world, full of the screams of children and the gnashing of teeth. Brandon’s film realises that. Hell, I think the scene is actually kinda sexy.

The director has also declared that he will not change the film.

Do you know who my father is?

Commentators expressed bafflement at this argument, as some who had researched the director were unaware of any family connections to anyone at all.

Possessor is available to stream illegally.

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