HOLLYWOOD – Following Blade Runner and Dune, Denis Villeneuve plans to remake Krull.

Sicario and Arrival director Denis Villeneuve will direct a remake of the science-fiction/fantasy classic Krull. He spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the Studio Exec:

We’re going to get as many of the original cast back together. I know Liam Neeson is lobbying to be in it again, along with Robbie Coltrane and Lysette Anthony and Kenneth Marshall are keen to have small roles. Obviously, what we have to do is retain the authenticity of the original and yet at the same time bring in some new faces. Zach Galifianakis is playing Colwyn and Amy Adams is going to be Lyssa.

Why Krull?

We’re doing Blade Runner and then Dune. I just have a bunch of old science fiction movies from the 80s and I throw a dart and whatever I hit I make.

Peter Yates directed the original. Edgar Wright and Duncan Jones have both talked about directing a remake, but in the end couldn’t be bothered.

Krull will be released in 2018.

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  1. Krull Remake

    This movie screams to be the 2nd part of a trilogy.

    Part 1
    The Emerald seer is head and one of 4 rulers of Krull. The others are the Ruby Seer, The Sapphire Seer and the Onyx Seer (who becomes the Beast and leaves Krull after being cast out by the other seers).
    The Seers receive their powers from the twin Suns of Krull and create the Glaive to defend Krull from the off world “Slayer army”.
    Ynyr is the understudy of the Green Seer and the main focus of part 1; His journey to manhood, how he met and loved “Lyssa”, how he was betrayed by her, why she kill their son and was banished to the cave of the crystal spider for her actions. He is best friend with the son of the Ruby Seer (who is the father Prince Colwyn in Part 2).
    As the movie progresses, the Onyx seer turns to evil and allies with the Slayers to become their leader.
    Before the final moments, the 3 seer council predicts their defeat, the destruction of Krull and issues the promise that “a girl of ancient name shall become queen and that she shall choose a king and together rule the world and their son the galaxy”.
    At the end of the movie, we see Krull left in ruin, the Ruby and Sapphire seers killed. The Glaive destroyed. Except it has retained enough power to defeat the beast when the twin suns are in alignment. It is being hidden by the Sapphire seer before dying. The Emerald Seer goes into hiding and Ynyr devastated retreats to the mountains.

    Part 2
    You pretty much know – The Onyx seer returns as the beast seeking to marry Lyssa and force the “promise to be fulfilled with him as ruler of Krull and the galaxy”.

    Part 3 – “The fulfillment of the promise”. Colwyn and Lyssa marry and have a son. Unknown to them the Beast had other wives beside the one he sought in Lyssa. They and their son must defeat a new threat from the Beast’s offspring and their minion of Slayers (new and improved). In the end the promise is fulfilled, Krull is reconstituted to its former glory and the Galaxy awaits a new empire.

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