HOLLYWOOD – As a direct result of the release of Darren Aronofsky’s Noah, bloggers, film reviewers and journalists have been inundating us with their best weather puns.

Already predicted to sink or swim, the film is also like to flood marketplaces, rain on the opposition and news that Exodus is already in production means that when it comes to Biblical epics, it never rains but it pours. There are thundering performances even if some of the dialogue is windy, Anthony Hopkins a bit drizzly and the plot itself long-winded. 
Veteran film journalist Hammers Hammerstein said: 

A ‘deluge’ (oh God) like this I’ve not seen since the long running Marathon Man debacle of 1976. We just all sit around thinking of puns we’ve been saving for a rainy day. Jesus Christ. I can’t stop!

 As the clouds clear and the waters fall, the puns are expected to clear up in the late afternoon, early evening in time for the new version of Annie which promises ‘the sun will come out, tomorrow’. 

Noah is a fictional character, any similarity to persons living or dead is entirely coincidental.

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