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HOLLYWOOD – Dean Cain is to be cast again as Superman in the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) series of films.

Former Lois and Clark star, Dean Cain will reprise his Superman role in the DCEU, according to a statement released jointly by DC Comics and Warner Bros.

“Warner Bros and DC Comics are proud to announce Dean Cain, once known as TV’s Superman in the 90s, will become Superman again.

Now known for great films such as ‘Andy The Talking Hedgehog’ and ‘The Dog Who Saved Easter’, we think the time is right for Dean to don the cape again. You’ll believe a right wing, embittered 54 year old man can fly!

We, at Warner Bros and DC Comics must stress this has nothing to do with Henry Cavill’s contract renegotiations since being linked with playing James Bond. It does not mean we can no longer afford him. Nor does it mean we are slashing the budgets on any so-called failed franchises. Or even though on paper, these movies should be a license to print money, but somehow we snatch defeat from the jaws of victory every freakin’ time.

I mean, look what we’re doing with Batman, right? How many billions did Nolan make for us? Now we have 4, 5 or 6 Batmen gliding around. Who knows how many? I don’t and I’m Senior VP for Public Relations. That’s a joke.

Jesus christ, why did I leave Netflix to join these jokers (no pun intended). Our strategies change quicker than Twitter’s opinion on Ben Affleck.

Where’s my Adderall, god dammit? It was right here under under my Joss Wheedon litigation file and my Blu Ray of Iron Man 2. Jeez, that movie sucked, That was the worst Marvel movie since Ghost Rider. I wish we could make a movie as bad as Iron Man 2. Why do we piss our pants over every negative mention we get on Instagram. Bunch of shitkickers.”

Superman v Lois is out soon.

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