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HOLLYWOOD – Esteemed playwright and film director, David Mamet is in the process of developing a script based on Vietnamese programmer Dong Nguyen‘s game Flappy Bird

The Glengarry Glen Ross writer said:

I’m fascinated by the difficult to quote W.B. Yeats. Dong’s game is ludicrously difficult and totally unrewarding, with its jerky graphics and poor game play. Well, that for me is a perfect metaphor for life: difficult,. unrewarding, ugly and short. It’ll be my first children’s film.

Mamet has managed to line up some of the finest of American acting talent to appear in the film, including Dustin Hoffman and Al Pacino. Mr. Pacino spoke to the Studio Exec earlier today:

I’m not entirely sure what David wants me to play or do, but I trust him completely. He’s a serious artist, so in his hands I know something beautiful will happen. I’ll just ask him – do you want ‘whoo-har’ or do you quiet and then ‘whoo-har’?

Hoffman also spoke to us on the phone but who can understand a word he says?

Flappy Birds will be released July 2015. 

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