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HOLLYWOOD – David Lynch is to return to TV once more but this time with a reality show spin off from his hit science fiction movie Dune.

The Harkonnens will follow the family of House Harkonnen as they readjust to be kicked of the planet Arrakis and have to readjust to life in an ordinary suburb of Los Angeles. Davide Lynch came into the Studio Exec bungalow to talk about the project.

The guys were kicking around and lost. I saw that they had nothing to do all day but murder florists, so I asked if maybe they’d be interested in a project. Feyd was trying to get into the music business and the Beast was working as a sous chef at the Pacific Dining Car in West Hollywood. It had all the elements of drama and weirdness that I’m drawn. Plus Vladimir is really big in local GOP politics. Everything seemed topical and now.

But didn’t the Baron and Feyd Rautha die in Dune?

Look when I make a film like Dune, I’m freely adapting the story to my needs. I use some license. So no, is the answer I suppose. They didn’t die. It wasn’t a fricking documentary, Exec, you ass nozzle.

Steady on David.

No, you steady on. I’ve had enough of your ass biscuitry over the years. When you’ve eaten as many squirrels as I have you know the score. So put a cork in it.

Okay. Tell me more about the show.

It’s my first reality, so I’m on a steep learning curve. But if anything it feels better than Twin Peaks: the Return. There we had a whole fan base to placate. With the Harkonnens, no one really gives a shit.

The Harkonnens will show on ShowTime.

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