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HOLLYWOOD – David Fincher’s next film will be Farnaby.

Following his huge box office busting success with Mank, David Fincher has turned his attention to a new project: Farnaby. We spoke to the Zodiac himself in the SE bungalow at half past midnight last night.

What the haps DF?

I’m into this new project. It’s called Farnaby. It’s a paean to British filmmaking. I look at the iconic movie Paddington 2 and the enormous battle that Simon Farnaby went through to get his vision written. Only for his erstwhile pal Paul King to come along and seize the glory from him. It’s a really horrible history.

So this is because Paddington 2 has overtaken Citizen Kane on Rotten Tomatoes?

Not at all my dead dad wrote a screenplay about it decades ago. In fact it was prophetic because this was long before there was even the idea of doing a Paddington movie. Originally it was called The Hard Stare, but we took a look at it and rewrote the title to make it more up to date.

That’s amazing. 

Fuck yeah! Sure it is. I’m amazing and you’re going to love the way we film it with this new digital camera, which will mean you’ll actually be able to taste the marmalade. We wanted to get inside Simon Farnaby’s head and really root around in there. Find out where he came up with such great ideas. Everyone is all: oh Paul King is such a genius. Paul King is such an auteur. I know I’m going to get in trouble for this with a lot of film critics and cineastes but it’s time we pulled the idols down from their pedestals. Look I’m David Fincher. Everyone knows I’m amazing. But I also appreciate the writer and credit the writer. Like the guy who wrote Se7en, Steve Something. Or the one who wrote The Social Network… I want to say Porkins?

You’re a bit of an iconoclast.

If I knew what that meant then yes certainly.

Farnaby is out in 2022.

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