Sunday 29 November 2020
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HOLLYWOOD – Daniel Radcliffe stars as not Harry Potter in Guns Akimbo. 

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe stars in a new thriller Guns Akimbo in which he doesn’t play a boy wizard. The latest film is one of a series Radcliffe has made in which he seeks to depart from his Hogwarts origins. Directed by Jason Lei Howden, a man whose vision as a director can only be matched by his sensitive use of social media to promote his film, the film is violent fantasy in which Quidditch isn’t played. It isn’t the first time Radcliffe has not played Harry Potter. As he told the EXEC earlier:

People don’t know this but one of my first roles was not Harry Potter. I played David Copperfield in a BBC adaptation of the Dickens classic. There was no magic, no Gryffindor, no Hagrid. Just the character Dickens created.
In Kill Your Darlings, the pint sized thespian pulled off a coup playing Allen Ginsberg who wrote poetry rather than casting spells.

With Swiss Army Man, the sorting hat decided that Radcliffe should play a farting corpse. It was almost as if he wanted to play anyone but Harry Potter. Media analyst Craver Top told the Exec that the problem was one of perception.

The problem is one of perception.

How so?

People look at Harry Potter and they see Daniel Radcliffe.

You mean the other way round?

See how right I am!

Guns Akimbo is available on VOD for anyone who hasn’t seen Jason Lei Howden’s tweets.

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