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DUBLIN – Three time Oscar winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis has embarked on a new career as a rock vocalist assembling a Celebrity Rock Super Group called Class Actors.

‘I don’t play an instrument or write my own material,’ said the famously happy actor. ‘But I do like to rock out and let my hair down and I play a pretty mean air guitar.’

Russell the Muscle
Smooth operator Eastwood
Mr. Perlman

Kevin Spacey is learning to play the drums, Gary Sinise is on bass, Russell Crowe on acoustic guitar and backing vocals, Clint Eastwood is tickling the ivories and Denzel Washington and Danny DeVito are making up the horn section.

Preacher man

Daniel Day Lewis commented:

I got the idea from Kevin Bacon who has had a band for ages but they’re absolutely gash. We’re going into the studio and we’re going to do a whole bunch of rock classics that reflect our careers. 

What songs do you have lined up?

Smoke on the Water, Stairway to Heaven, Wild Boys by Duran Duran, Take on Me by A-Ha, Living on a Prayer, The Eye of the Tiger, Drop Kick me Jesus (Through the Goalpost of Heaven). That one’s for Gary. Two Tribes and we’re toying around with Bruce Willis.

You’re going to do one of his songs?

No, we just keep telling him the wrong practice rooms and he turns up and waits for ages. It’s hilarious. 

Will Class Act be performing live?

Definitely. We’re booked for the Anchor Inn on the 23rd.  

Class Act are playing at the Anchor Inn on the 23rd.

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