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HOLLYWOOD – Dan Harmon – the reinstated showrunner for NBC’s Community – has revealed that Season 5 will open with a special episode during which he will symbolically purge the show of all the ills of Season 4.

‘The idea is simple,’ said a deliriously happy Harmon, who will appear in the episode as himself. ‘We’ll have the cast members and writing team brought in one at a time and we’ll go through all their flaws, professional, personal, and physical, one by one and we’ll tear into them, roast them without pity and get them to confess to how – without me – they really did suck the big one.’

Harmon said that he got the idea from watching a documentary on the Moscow show trials of the Stalinist era. 

It was brutal and unfair, and many people lost their lives, but Lord was it funny. 

Joel McHale is rumored to be in for some pretty disgusting self-abasement, before he will be allowed to sign a fabricated confession and forced to dig his own grave. 

‘It’s going to be meta,’ laughed Harmon. ‘Because then we are going to actually kill him.’  

Harmon’s only regret is that it looks like Chevy Chase has escaped his clutches once more.

Community is due to return in the Fall. 

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