NEW YORK – The world’s most famous Canadian (after Mordechai Richler, Leonard Cohen, Margaret Attwood, William Shatner and Keanu Reeves) Dan Aykroyd broke down on the late night talk show Letterman when asked about plans for a forthcoming Ghostbusters sequel.
A bewildered Letterman watched as the thin Blues Brother burst into tears and started tearing the buttons off his shirt, ‘What’s the fucking point? Bill doesn’t want to do it, nobody wants to see it,’ Aykroyd said. ‘It will be the Blues Brothers 2000 all over again.’

Aykroyd then curled up into a ball on the famous sofa and emitted animal like wails that ‘spoke of a pain so deep as to eschew the articulation of this our broken language’ said one surprisingly erudite audience member. Akyroyd’s appearance, however, might never be seen as a cable was cut and the show had to be taped again. 

Representatives for Mr Aykroyd denied the burst of clarity had taken place, arguing that it was more likely there was some sort of mass delusion rather than Dan Aykroyd admitting that making a follow up to a film made in 1989 (Ghostbusters II the Empire Strikes Back of the trilogy) would be a waste of time and money. 

Ghostbusters 3 will be released in 2015.
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