DALLAS BUYERS CLUB: REVIEW- This is Philadelphia Texas style. With the McCon-formation continuing (I now actually expect Matthew McConaughey to be good!) and here following the Christian Bale plan diet, McConaughey plays Ron Woodroof, a rodeo loving, hard drinking, hard working guy with an eye for the ladies, who finds out he’s HIV positive.

This is the Eighties and he’s given thirty days to live and not much hope beyond experimental drugs being pushed through the system by unscrupulous drug companies and a desperate medical community. Fortunately, he seeks out a struck off doctor (played by a brilliant Griffin Dunne) in Mexico, who with a regimen of vitamins and proteins manages to prolong Ron’s chances. Ron decides to start smuggling the drugs into the US and helping fellow sufferers, pocketing a healthy profit along the way. 

Ron is a fantastic character. A homophobic tough guy, spit in your eye type who nevertheless has a code. His thinness gives him that carved out of wood feel. The fragility rendered by the disease is offset by the lean mean intensity of his will to survive. His transformation via his friendship with transvestite Rayon (Jared Leto) is credible and moving, even though at times the film draws its lines of bad versus good with too heavy a pencil. Jennifer Garner is also given the somewhat thankless task of playing the witness who fills up at the apposite moment.   


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