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HOLLYWOOD – Massive crowds and street parties spontaneously take to the streets as Daddy’s Home 2 is green lit.

In scenes of mass hysteria and celebration not seen since the end of World War 2, worldwide street parties erupted last night as news came in that Paramount Pictures and Gary Sanchez Productions are to make Daddy’s Home 2. The sequel to last Christmas’ mega hit Daddy’s Home will see Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg return as mismatched buddy characters, Dusty and Brad, names that have already become synonymous with comedy duos such as Laurel and Hardy, Abbot and Costello, Nixon and Kissinger. Sean Anders and John Morrisare also returning to write the script and Anders to direct.

From Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe the effusion of good will and joy was palpable. On the West Bank, extremist Jewish Settlers and Palestinian terrorist groups joined together for nibbles and chit-chat about what the sequel might hold. The only voice of concern was that of Will Ferrell, the star who worried that expectations were too high:

We knew when we finished making Daddy’s Home that we had made something special. Something that so far exceeded anything we had done before. The Other Guys, Get Hard, Step Brothers, those had all been great obviously but Daddy’s Home was on a totally different level and the chances of repeating that are slim. However, that said we’re going to do our best, not only for comedy, but for the starving children of Africa.

Daddy’s Home 2 will be released in 2018.

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