HOLLYWOOD – Awards front runner Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight came in for criticism for not casting the original Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis in the remake.

Moonlight is a beautiful film, but many have criticized the reboot of the 1980s romantic detective show for not including the original stars.

Moonlighting expert Bacala Simone told the Studio Exec:

Lots of people criticize Moonlight because of the changes of emphasis and tone. Instead of a detective agency, you have the streets of Miami. Instead of David and Maddy, you have a young black man struggling with his sexuality. They even changed the name from Moonlighting to the snappier Moonlight. But the complete absence of Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Why not have them in small role? It seemed insulting to the legacy.

Such are the differences in fact that many viewers don’t even know that the film is a remake of the popular TV show. Barry Jenkins explains:

That was actually intentional. We felt people were too tired of the reboots and remakes and so when we got the green light, we started quietly tossing out all the elements we could. Shifting emphasis.

What about Bruce and Cybill? Were they involved?

Actually yes. We gave them a scene in which they play their roles as David and Maddy doing some detective work in Little’s school. But when we watched the footage we all agreed that it was jarring. It will be included on the DVD extras though. Who knows? We might have a special Moonlighting edition come out.

Moonlight is currently on release.

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