GENEVA –The Raid 2 has been turning heads at Festivals around the world as the most exciting and brutal action movie in a long time, but in Switzerland, where violence in film is strictly regulated, cinema goers will have to expect a much shorter evening.

The Swiss Board of Film Classification have approved a 3 minute version of Gareth Evans‘ manic mayhem fest for theatrical exhibition making it the second shortest feature film in Swiss history, the first shortest still being John Woo’s Hard Boiled that clocked in at 43 seconds. 

Our resident Swiss expert Xavier Poulis brought us up to speed:

We Swiss have always been very sensitive to depictions of violence in films and our film censors often eliminate an entire scene if there is one act of violence in it. Unfortunately, The Raid 2 has almost no scenes without someone getting hit on the head very hard.

Why does Switzerland have such strict laws? 

The laws are very popular in Switzerland. We are an outdoor people who think fondue is reason enough for life. We like elaborate clocks and pen knives, not so keen on war, so people being hit on the heads doesn’t really appeal to us.

Gareth Evans commented:

I have the greatest respect for Switzerland and there laws and we’ll be working with the SBFC to make sure that despite being only three minutes long, the story still works. I’m confident this can be achieved.

The Raid 2 is currently in cinemas.

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