ARKHAM – The elder one known as Cthulhu has let it be known that he no longer seeks office.

Following a closely contested election campaign, Cthulhu, an ancient cosmic entity which has lain dormant for millennia, has relinquished any ambitions to govern. IN a statement acquired by the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY, the Lovecraftian had this to say:

Okay, I checked everything out. Frankly you can have it. I’ll take my tentacled face elsewhere. There’ll be another apocalypse, I’ll wait in the ice and then re-emerge. As for Donald Trump, frankly I’m scared. That guys builds the freakiest obelisks. And all the angles are weird.

The concession came as a blow to all those hoping to build a third party alternative to the two existing mainstream parties.

Pacific Rim 2 has begun filming.

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