Daredevil season 2

HOLLYWOOD – The Marvel gravy train rumbles on, splashing its salty load in the faces of the eager public.

In a fair world, the comic-book era would have come off the tracks and exploded last year when Joss Whedon inflicted us with the grotesquely obese Avengers: Age of Ultron but the memory of Guardians of the Galaxy still lingered and with Deadpool turning those frowns around and Captain America: Civil War looking like a meaty proposition, the genre’s ability to reinvent itself and still rake in fields of cash means the studios will be flogging this pony until there’s nothing left but horseshoes and entrails.

Meanwhile, Netflix has been quietly getting on with the TV side of the Marvel money-maker. The first season of Daredevil was decent in places but got a little floppy towards the end and Jessica Jones, although not quite the show generous reviews suggested, was still a fine watch and give us a genuine female hero to root for. Daredevil season 2 was released last Friday and a few critics stabbed their katana blades into the show suspiciously early. The truth of the matter is the latest instalment of Daredevil is easily the best Marvel show yet and any fan of the genre will have spent the weekend soiling themselves silly. Sure, it’s exceptionally violent, dark and a lot of it doesn’t make any sense but if you can’t suspend disbelief watching a TV show based on a comic, you’re long overdue a trip to the hall of mirrors.

Here is a rundown of some of the critical crimes committed by the journalist elite:


“Daredevil, by contrast, is … about a man with a savior complex who wrestles with the morality of violence, which the show portrays in gruesome, prolonged, visceral ways.”

Used the word ‘visceral’ in a review. Automatic 1000 point deduction for copying from the Idiot’s Guide to Reviewing.

“By the time a character’s tortured with an electric drill, which penetrates his foot as his bones and muscle tissue spill out, it’s clear that this is torture porn of an unmistakably Catholic variety.”

It’s not torture porn. It’s a show about violent vigilantes in a violent world. They don’t have pillow fights and drink hot chocolate together. And she used torture twice in the same sentence.

“But it’s also all too easy for studio bosses and writers to take existing properties, add sophisticated visuals, and shoehorn in excessive brutality to add edge.”

Yeah, they shoehorned in excessive brutality. IT’S THE F*CKING PUNISHER.


“The series’s tone is as dark as its lighting.”

I’ve read it ten times and I’m convinced that sentence has broken the matrix.


“Episode 6, a taut caper with humor, sexiness, and pathos, should be a template for the rest of the season. It also keeps Cox out of Daredevil’s ugly body armor, a limiting piece of work that makes Cox look stiff and silly. Much like the show around him.”

Using the word ‘Taut’ in a review is an automatic 1,000 point reduction but not only that, this is the final paragraph. The guy has given the show a C rating and he’s clearly only seen six episodes. There are thirteen episodes so if he reviewed The Bible, he would obviously feel justified giving it a fair critique despite having only read the Old Testament.


“None of which is to say the show is unwatchable, by any means. It might just be that I’m not the target audience in that I don’t care much for action sequences.

Yeah, he’s not the target audience and he doesn’t care much about action sequences. This is the equivalent of sending a guy that has an irrational fear of horses to cover the Kentucky Derby.  

Daredevil Season Two is available on Netflix.

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