LONDON – The high court today heard about Johnny Depp’s M&M addiction.

Johnny Depp – star of the Pirates of the Caribbean and Nightmare on Elm Street – today told the High Court in London how he developed an addiction for peanut M&Ms. Occasionally breaking down on the stand, he told the court that the addiction began in 2018.

We were filming Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge and I wasn’t in a very happy place. It just started out with chocolate M&Ms and I thought I could handle it. But once I got into the yellow bags they hooked. I went through twenty half pound bags a day. I was wild man. I’d get so tired from chomping on those M&Ms that I couldn’t even say my dialogue properly. I’d be mumbling like a confused idiot.

The court saw pictures of Johnny Depp passed out after an M&Ms binge, with ice cream dripping down his leg and onto the floor. Referring to the picture, Depp said it showed the extent of his problem at the time.

Look at that. I can’t even face ice cream. I’m so full of M&Ms. What a waste of ice cream. The humanity of it. I don’t know what it was. The peanut, the chocolate, the caramel shell, the different colors.

The court also heard testimony from a former employee of Mr. Depp about how his employer had hired the M&M shop in Leicester  Square, London and done over £240,000 of damage.

Jason Haribo testified:

Johnny’s just the kind of man who does everything to excess. He just can’t have one M&M. It’s not in his nature. He’s the same with Pringles and Ginger Snaps.

Mr. Depp told the judge that he was no longer on M&Ms, after a successful stay in recovery.

I’ve learned my lesson. And I am volunteering to do some kind of work with children to raise awareness of how dangerous M&Ms are. I’m also going to classes to learn how to keep my ice cream from spilling.

The trial continues.

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