SAN DIEGO – Five states ban Cosplay.

The increasingly popular hobby of Cosplay – short for ‘costume play’ and involving adults gathering to wear costumes inspired by their favorite films and TV shows – will be illegal in five states: Colorado, Ohio, Delaware, Kansas and New Mexico as of midnight tonight. 

Motivations for the Cosplay Bans vary and include issues of public health and decency. New Mexico’s governor Susana Martinez said: ‘Grown adults dressing up as Captain Jack Sparrow and Padme from the Phantom Menace is f**king dumb’.

Cosplay enthusiasts responded with anger. Mark Jerkins of the Cosplay Association of America commented: 

We are adults who enjoy dressing up in fancy dress-like costume, immersing ourselves in a fictional world, often with a kinky slant. And we demand respect. We should get it.

 However, opponents of Cosplay are themselves organizing with membership of the anti-Cosplay pressure group Grow Up now reaching the 3 million mark. Spokesperson Martina Simons explains her opposition to Cosplay in this way:


I was into Cosplay at first, because it gave me a structure to my otherwise confused life. It was also a chance to escape the grim realities that pressure us all. But then a friend of mine introduced me to substance abuse and I’ve never looked back. Drug addiction isn’t the answer for everyone, of course. And it has its own problems – especially the health and economic drawbacks. However, to anyone kicking Cosplay I would argue at least drug abuse isn’t embarrassing.

With GU and the CAA both at loggerheads, a long and drawn out battle in the courts looks likely. This could go all the way up to the highest levels of government, with both groups boasting of powerful allies. Cosplay advocate Johnny Depp is expected to testify in front of a special Senate Committee, whilst Andy Garcia has allied himself with GU, stating in a special video message: ‘They’re all a bunch of babies and they need their asses kicking’.

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  1. Freedom of Expression is Freedom of Expression people!!!!……..I can’t believe the U.S. Senate as, well as the State’s of Colorado, Ohio, New Mexico, Delaware, and Kansas don’t simply understand this.

      1. Why should anyone care? These people aren’t damaging property, harassing other people or breaking any laws that I have heard about. I really think that Governor Susana Martinez of New Mexico should be addressing serious issues and should try to act a little more mature and get some dignity.

    1. So we can’t do this for comic con are other things what about helloween and people who do movies is that next to be banded I hate to say this we are no longer free in this world and this is a joke

  2. Look, we’re not actors, we get bad reps, and it’s for all ages. We’re grown up to know better (then again, there are some who aren’t.) We’re not even paid for this. I enjoy cosplay, because it’s not just something to do, it’s an enforcer for me, to be more sociable, to get away from the real world for a moment. Unlike you patronizing sleezeballs who dress up their own dogs for just recognition or put make up on your two year old for some pedophile to look at? Who’s the real retard? Why not use your funds to you know.. inspire art and imagination, let alone creativity? Cosplay is one of those you know.

    Oh, and thanks Johnny.

    1. I actually love to cosplay and get paid to do it at cons when new authors set up booths and want someone to initially attract customers. This is oppression, not fair, and not right. I hope their kids and grandkids start cosplaying and shove it in their faces.

  3. That’s got to be an Onion – like news story. A governor calling it fucking retarded and the girl suggesting substance abuse as the alternative to cosplay is a bit of a giveaway. C’mon nah!! Did ya read the thang?

  4. First off, other than health and decency it’s freedom of expression. Piss off. Secondly anyone willing to use testimony from someone admitting to drug use as a way if quitting cosplay NEEDS to grow up. Are you people fucking retarded? Id rather see a bunch if people spending their money dressing up than I would a nation full of drug attics. If the fact the dressing up bothers you so much done do it. If it’s something that embarrasses you then look away, don’t do it, or ask yourself why it does. Don’t fuck with people who are doing what they enjoy while not harming anyone. Grow up yourselves GU, maybe you guys need to lighten the fuck up

  5. This is ridiculous. Cosplay is for all ages, and is meant to be fun. We are basically actors. I would choose cosplay over drugs any day. What I spend my time and money on shouldn’t affect anyone but me.

  6. I’m not interested in Cosplay, but banning it is both stupid and unconstitutional. Those who promote the ban and only demonstrating their own ignorance and bigotry.

  7. Why do people feel the need to control happy people?! They are not hurting anyone. They are living their lives in a manner that makes them happy. If you want to roll your eyes and snort, then go ahead. STOP TRYING TO CONTROL HAPPY PEOPLE.

    1. Well, some not all cosplayers are selling their cosplay costumes for thousands of dollars, and getting paid for work that is not their own. And, other cosplayers are simply making costumes for fun, not for sale. So, it might be a battle between those that sell cosplay costumes, and they want to ban cosplay all together.

      1. To Noname – people get paid for work that is not their own all the time; think of almost every clothing store you’ve been to. How is this different? … or is your comment a joke just like the story is? if so please ignore this :/

      2. “…some not all cosplayers are selling their cosplay costumes for thousands of dollars, and getting paid for work that is not their own.” Good point. But really, if it’s a problem, simply ban the sell of cosplay for copyrighted characters. There. Problem solved.
        Also, if indecency is such an issue (which sometimes it is) then create laws/regulations saying that “this much of your body must be covered. Violators subject to removal or a fine” or something like that.
        And health? Oh my gosh. I never realized that cosplay was SUCH a LETHAL and CONTAGIOUS disease. WhatEVER shall we do.

  8. Cosplay is definitely a freedom of expression we like to go out have fun and enjoy ourselves at these conventions and Comic Cons they don’t want to make me mad and make me bring out the Avengers

  9. I have it all figured out. They are afraid of masked vigilantes roaming the streets. What better way than to just ban the wearing of costumes altogether. Lol.
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  10. The number of commenters taking this obvious satirical story literally gobsmacking. I tremble for our republic.

  11. I don’t believe this! Cosplay to some is a Hobby, its for fun, but there are some that do this for life style, like some hospitals that are having an event. It’s something that people need to get over the fact that we are having fun, and meeting new people, and seeing new things.

  12. I am running for Senate in the State of Delaware. I am going to read this legislation. Sounds a tad unreasonable and misinformed to me…if this is true.

  13. Good! Finally! It’s about time these people grew up! Join the rest of rational, respectable society like the rest of us who left Halloween to the kids after junior high. Be an adult, go and buy a football jersey (or two, or three) and a cool Fathead of your favorite player (of a certain Super Bowl winning quarterback I know), and a few pennants of your favorite team (who you really need to be supporting more anyway) and be real Americans! All that cosplay stuff is communistic anyway!

  14. This had me going for a moment until I got to the part about giving up Cosplay for drug addiction. This is too funny as are the reactions to this satirical article.

  15. I won’t miss any of those states… They’re not states you would’ve wanted to invite to your parties, anyway.

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