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HOLLYWOOD – Following their collaboration on The Counsellor, Ridley Scott and Cormac McCarthy are looking to follow up theĀ Angry Birds Movie based on the popular game.

According to a source close to the No Country for Old Men author, “Cormac has been fiddling with an Angry Birds movieĀ ever since the game came out.”

Produced by Finnish computer company Rovio, the game consists of destroying pigs using the titular Angry Birds which are launched at increasingly complicated structures via catapult. Scott spoke to French cultural magazine Chapeau about the development of a filmable script:

At first when Cormac brought up the idea, I was frankly sceptical, but when I got to read the draft I realised that it was in fact a perfect match. Whether it’s The Road or Blood Meridian, Cormac has always been interested in the striving for freedom and survival and the violence that accompanies such striving.

In answering criticism that the material was too light for a novelist of McCarthy’s dark talents, Scott had this to say:

I totally understand that apprehension, but what you have to understand with the film we’re going to do is that when Cormac McCarthy writes Angry Birds, they’re really f*cking angry, these birds. Really.

Angry Birds will be released in early 2016.

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  1. Following their collaboration on The Counselor, Ridley Scott and Cormac McCarthy are looking to follow up with a film based on the popular game Angry Birds.

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