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HOLLYWOOD – Cool Hand Luke declared the ‘sweatiest film ever made’ by Lynx Underarm Deodorant.

Lynx Underarm Deodorant today announced that the sweatiest film ever made is Cool Hand Luke. The Paul Newman prison flick beat out tough competition from Das Boot and Apocalypse Now. A spokesperson from the underarm sweat busters, Martin Creamerton told the Studio Exec:

This was a tough one but in the end the combination of dust and heat and forced labour in the sweltering south made this a go to sweat fest. Perspiration pongs from the screen, whether they’re digging ditches, eating eggs, or watching that gal wash her car.

The choice was not without controversy, however. Many considered Spike Lee‘s Do the Right Thing a firm favorite and some harked back to the claustrophobic sweatiness of 12 Angry Men.

You are always going to have disagreements. But we here at Lynx like to think that this kind of award is about promoting discussion. Our word is by no means final. And yet we do use scientists who study things like droplets, stains and pores in order to come to a final verdict. In this way Stuart Rosenberg’s 1967 drama was a perfect score all along the line.

Asked for comment Spike Lee merely said: ‘Bullshit!’ and slammed the phone down.

Spike Lee’s new film Sweaty Ass MuthaFukkas is on Netflix in 2021.

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