HOLLYWOOD – Sean Connery is to return as 007 in a new film, provisionally entitled Never Say Never Again Again. The film will be produced by Stig Pictures in direct competition with the Eon Productions official Sam Mendes directed, Daniel Craig Bond.

Barry Marbles, CEO of Stig Pictures, released a statement, which read:

For years Sean and I have talked about doing follow up to Thunderball, the rights of which have never been definitively decided. Well, he isn’t getting any younger, so the last time we were drunk, we decided if we were going to do it, we best do it straight away.

The plot will feature secret agent James Bond (Connery) being sent to a health farm by M (Helen Mirren) after a mission goes badly wrong. Here, he will sit in a comfy chair and reminisce to a sexy nurse (Catherine Zeta Jones) about earlier adventures, all of which will be shown in a series of flashbacks.

‘It’s going to be cheap,’ promised an excited Lee Tamahori who has been roped in to direct. ‘And, you know, quick. Three weeks tops. Which is two more than I used for Die Another Day. Ha ha ha!’

Never Say Never Again Again will be settled out of court.

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