Saturday 8 August 2020
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WASHINGTON – The confectionery world holds its breath as the second Presidential debate nears.

Both Tic-Tacs and Skittles have featured more prominently in the Presidential election that ever before. Donald Trump’s son used Skittles to talk about the dangers of immigration and Donald Trump himself was heard on an audio recording from 2005 using tic-tacs in preparation for a possible sexual assault. Now the rest of the confectionery world is waiting for the other shoe to drop. We spoke to Jimmy Skittles thebig_are_skittles_bad_for_you inventor of the skittle:

It’s a hard time to be in the candy business. Never has it been so political. Usually it’s cookies that get all the heat but this cycle it seems to be our turn. All week I’ve had Brian M&Ms on the phone hoping that they won’t be brought into play to illustrate gay marriage. And Seth Lifesavers was talking to me only Friday night about how he doesn’t want to have his brand associated with trade deals or something.

Although so far Hillary Clinton has kept away from confectionery it is understood that she always keeps a packet of boiled sweets in her handbag and would not be afraid of using them.

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