SAN DIEGO – The 2015 Comic-Con has begun in San Diego and a number of rule changes have been announced.

Due to a large amount of illegal foolishness at last year’s comic-con in San Diego, the authorities have decided on a number of new rules to keep things under control.

1. No costumes for anyone over thirteen years of age. This is partly a safety issue after the Jabba the Hutt character who accidentally killed a Minion last year. But it’s mainly because YOU SHOULD ALL GROW UP.

2. While queuing for panels fights will be encouraged.

3. If you want to ask a question during the Batman v. Superman panel you should throw a shoe. No other method will be rewarded.

4. Anyone who has sex will be ejected from Comic-Con and not allowed to return.

5. All zombies are to be murdered.

For more FACTS click HERE.

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