HOLLYWOOD – The internet went literally/metaphorically crazy today as Marvel/DC Comics announce that Ben Affleck/Elizabeth Olsen/Christian Bale/Bryan Cranston/Hugh Jackman will/will not play Lex Luthor/Batman/Batman/the Scarlet Witch/the Hulk in Man of Steel 2/Batman Vs Superman/The Avengers 2/ untitled Hulk stand alone movie/Thor Dark World/X-Men.

Batman/Gotham/Iron Man 4 has long been awaited as a new Pepper Pots/Hulk/Captain America: Winter Soldier/Guardians of the Galazy/Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Series is already being moved forward to complete the Marvel/DC Comics Universe. Spiderman/The Amazing Spiderman/The Amazing Spiderman 2 is already completed and Andrew Garfield/Hugh Jackman is already in talks to renew his contract to make another seventeen films of the same multicoloured yawp! Kevin Feige told the Studio Exec exclusively:

Spiderman X-Menned but when you Batman Batman then Affleck X-Men Avengers Iron Man Avengers 2. It’s going to be darker and deal with serious issues such as is it the man or the suit, Iron Man, and asks how does our love of superheroes square with our supposed liberal democracy when it has its roots in an immature and potentially fascist form of wish-fulfillment, Captain America

The Studio Exec will be dedicated to giving you all the vital superhero/comic book movie news until we stop making this infantile crap and get back to the serious cinema of Howard the Duck.  

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