HOLLYWOOD – The long-gestating project Coldplay: the Motion Picture has finally got a script, a synopsis and promises to be more than ‘your average concert film’, promised band leader Chris Martin as he promoted the release of the band’s fourth album Ghost Stories (Atlantic).

Ex-Mr. Paltrow said:

It was really important we didn’t just do a documentary and have I don’t know Morgan Spurlock following us around for a couple of months. And we also thought if we were just to do a concert film than people would kind of doze off, because our music is kind of soothing. You know. 

Director Abel Ferrara said he was very excited by the prospect of working with the UK based band.

We’ve got a script that Jim Rash has penned for us. It’s brilliant. He’s actually based it on Head, the film Jack Nicholson directed for The Monkees. It’s psychedelic and bizarre. The guys are really funny to begin with Chris and … the other guys in the band. But it goes very dark towards the end when the lead character, Chris, plots to murder his beautiful vegan wife Gwendoline. 

Wow. That sounds really…

Oh, it’s dark all right. I’ve been re-watching Driller Killer to prepare for this film and anyone who think is the film is going to be as anodyne as Coldplay’s music aren’t taking into account the ravaging effects of a painful ahem… uncoupling.

Coldplay: the Motion Picture will be released in 2015.

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